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Happy New Year 2023 from Rommanch

happy new year 2023 romantic couple

Friendship is essential in life, it was straightforward to build friendships as kids, but now as a grown-up, we tend to make a wall around us. This happens because of our past experiences, many of us start living alone, but still hope to get someone as a friend. And I am not saying about normal friendship, I am talking about adult friendship, where we can take care of each other at deeper levels.

Some relationships work and some don’t. If you are unhappy and looking for a friend online, you can telegram me @rommanch69, currently, I am staying in Lucknow, India. Before that I was in Delhi, I got separated from my friends, and I am looking to find mature people for adult friendship in Lucknow itself.

I talk with some girls on Facebook, and there are some girls who are very open to sex chat. But I am bored of sex chat, who has time for sex chat? Sex chat is boring once or twice. I want real friendship, some real fun, to meet somebody, go to the movies, sit and talk, maybe massage each other for mutual benefit, satisfy each other’s lust. And I am not a playboy or gigolo or a male sex worker in Lucknow, I am just a normal guy, looking for an open-minded girl, age is no bar but has to be 18+.

Soon we will be entering the new year 2023, and I pray that you all find love, friendship, and success in your life. I hope this new year I will make a couple of good friends. If you are a woman looking for a friend online in Lucknow, India you can contact me. I will be very happy to have you as my friend.

A very very happy new year 2023 to all of you.

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If you are below 18 years old, then please leave this website, this website contains mature/adult content. This website is not a playboy, or gigolo website. This website is simply an adult dating website through which you can get into a short-term or long-term relationship with monetary benefits. The end goal of this website is to have a meaningful intimate connection with someone.