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How is your Anal Sex experience?

anal sex depiction

If you ask a Doctor, they will tell you the Risks of Anal Sex, but risky stuff excites people more, i.e., to do things they are supposed not to do. I don’t have any personal experience of Anal Sex. I like sexy, round asses, and only once I tried to penetrate a girl’s button, but it was an unsuccessful attempt as her hole was quite tight, and there were people outside the room, and I didn’t want her to scream or anything. Also, I didn’t want any mess in the bed as the washroom was a bit away from our room.

When I try to learn from people about their experience of Anal Sex, one thing is common there is a lot of pain and a lot of force needed to penetrate the ass. Also, the Ass Hole is not self-lubricating, so you need to lubricate it well so that you can slide your dick smoothly into the tight hole, otherwise friction could cause a lot of damage to the penis and the anus.

So, I am here looking for your experience with Anal Sex, as a girl/woman or a boy/man how was it, when you first lost your ass virginity, how often did you engage in Anal Sex, and your related personal stories. Please comment.

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One comment on "How is your Anal Sex experience?"

Shaadi k baad meri biwi ki chut thodi loose ho gyi thi, kyuki humara baby operation se hua tha, kayi din k discussion k baad use me anal sex k liye mana paya….peeche kaafi tight feel hota hai, sex karne me maza aata hai, ab hum mahine me 1-2 baar to karte hi hai.

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