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I have never hired any Escorts in Lucknow

a very sexy Lucknow escort

A person hires an escort when they don’t have any other option. Although initially when I was looking for quick sex in Lucknow, I called a couple of Lucknow Escorts. They also sent me pics of some of their girls, some of the pics they sent looked fake and some looked real, but this is not the reason I never hired any Lucknow Escorts.

One reason they stopped me from booking an escort in Lucknow was that the rates were relatively high and I didn’t negotiate with them. Also, a couple of them wanted me to give them money in advance, which I didn’t want to do, as I didn’t trust them. Secondly one of them was calling me to a Hotel someplace quite far away.

I mostly called them when I was drunk. I was drunk one night and I was surfing Facebook when this girl messaged me back with the amount that she was ready, she also gave me her number and when I called she was a girl only. She was somewhat closer to me, and the next day I had some whisky and I called her, and she was ready, so we set the meeting and we met and enjoyed. She was authentic, had a couple of sessions with her.

If I would not have got this girl at the right time, I might have hired a Lucknow Escort. Although her rates also were high, she had a nice place, she was unprofessional, and she gave me what I was in desperate need of.

Lucknow Escorts vs Lucknow Call Girls

There is a very thin line of difference between a call girl and an escort. Call Girls we all know, is equivalent to a prostitute, but sounds better, similarly, Escort is a fancy word for a call girl. Escorts are considered high-profile, but they are similar to call girls in the type of service they provide.

Sex is all about experience, if you are paying tens of thousands of rupees on a Lucknow Escort, you may enjoy the company of a nice-looking girl, who is pretty, educated, etc. A kind of girl, which we may not be able to have as a girlfriend.

On the other hand, as a call girl, is like a regular girl maybe not so pretty, but still better than the prostitutes of the Lucknow Red Light area.

Will I ever hire a Lucknow Escort in the future?

Yes maybe, but I will try to go for an Independent one first, which is in my budget. Because sex is all about the experience. I compare it with any physical sport and the opposite team you are playing with always matters. The better the opposite team, the better match you are going to have with them/her.

Regular sex vs Sex on a special occasion

You may be able to find call girls at low rates. So they are suitable for regular sex. If you want regular sex, then they are good for that. But if there is any special occasion, something that you would like to enjoy with someone special then you can go for escort services in Lucknow, and if you know her from before then the sex experience is going to be better, more fun.

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