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Independent call girls in Lucknow

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Some believe that the sex trade is the exploitation of girls, which is valid to some extent, as there are many cases of girl trafficking in India. When a girl is sold into the sex trade at a brothel, it is illegal, and the law should take care of such issues. But here we are talking about the girls who opt to become professional independent call girls everywhere in the world including our city Lucknow.

There can be many factors behind a girl choosing to become a prostitute. But the most important factor is the money. A girl who enjoys sex and gets money for that too, is a genuinely independent call girl. If a girl is just working for money and not enjoying sex, it is like forcing herself into some kind of job where the final output is also unsatisfactory for her as well as her male client.

According to me, sex is sacred when it happens between two lovers, otherwise, it is just a physical activity, like any sport. For a very long time, I resisted just looking for a call girl in Lucknow for sex, as I kept on searching for love, but then years passed. And I decided to finally look for someone for sex (Why having sex with a Lucknow Call Girl was so necessary for me?), I even created this website. But the website didn’t help me in finding a girl interested in sex with me. But social media did.

Call Girls & Clients using social media to find each other

Using social media platforms, I re-discovered the world of sex-hungry people. Re-discovered it because I knew it existed, but I always ignored it as I was busy with my career, and also that maybe girls that I know may start to love me. So, these social media sites, allowed me to engage with girls who are taking money and offering sex services to me in Lucknow.

But there are also many fake girls or girls who just want you to make some advance payment to them and as you do so, they will block you. So, this also happened to me, and it became one of my rules, never to give anyone any amount of money in advance, even if she tries to act as authentic as possible. See if you are a real person and you are providing sex service just like an independent call girl in Lucknow would do, then what is the point of taking any money in advance, when I am even coming to meet you at your own place? But yes, I avoid such girls or people who ask for money in advance.

Why do these Lucknow call girls like me?

I don’t want to have sex with multiple girls because it is not safe. So I try to be a regular customer, and when you meet someone many-many times then slowly a bond develops, a kind of trust, and understanding. Having sex with a stranger is not fun at all, but when you know someone, sex gets better. It is not like that I have a big dick or something, it is just that I try to give them some good time.

The two girls I met for sex in exchange for money are both employed, but they still need some extra money. One of them seems emotionally distressed and the other one seems physically unsatisfied. One of them just meets me, the other one is a couple of months old in this business and claims that she will quit it when she will get married.

Contact me if you are looking for a male client in Lucknow

I avoid meeting many call girls in Lucknow just because they seem fake or not genuine or they are asking for money that is too much. If you are an independent call girl from Lucknow and you are searching for a client/man/sugar-daddy online, then you can contact me on my telegram id – @rommanch69, hope to meet someone real and nice.

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