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Too much alcohol can ruin your sex date

woman disappointed with her drunk man in bed

Alcohol is not suitable for my health which I am trying to quit now. I used to smoke cigarettes but left smoking because I started to have pain in part of my right lung. But now I have been off-cigarettes for over 6 months now, maybe I have only tried them twice as I remember. I want to quit drinking also, it is bad for my physical as well as mental health. I don’t remain the same person after I drink, I mean I am angry I am too much angry, I mean I say things that I should not, and later I regret it.

But I am not here to discuss the side effects of alcohol on a long-term basis, I am here to discuss how it can impact your sex date, suppose you are about to have sex with someone but you are too much drunk, then you might have a problem getting a full erection. This is when you have consumed a lot, I mean people have different limits, but if I have to say for myself, I was having sex with a girl, and I had around 2-quarters of whisky. I did want not getting a full erection, first of all, and then, when I penetrated her, I kept pushing-pushing, and was not able to cum, I kept on doing it, but we didn’t have too much time, I lacked energy, I was getting tired, we were also fucking on the floor, on the chair, on the desk, my legs were taking to much load, and at the same time I was too drunk.

Some amount of alcohol may surely increase the ejaculation period which can be good sometimes, but too much of it will surely ruin the sex experience.

So alcohol does have some effect on your sex life, short-term basis and I believe long-term basis too. It is better to quit such habits as soon as possible because after you quit such things, you will face different types of problems, your body will respond differently, I mean you might feel sick, but this is only for some time, your body is in repair-mode, and you will get better over time.

Long-term alcohol abuse can even cause erectile dysfunction. So, for a good sex life, one must avoid alcohol consumption. I will try my best to quit it, for overall health. Because if you want to enjoy your life you need to be healthy, and I am in my 30s, so I have started to notice that I am not the same as I was in my 20s, I mean how much toll your body can take and for how long? It is better to understand that the body needs time to repair itself, if you will continue to abuse it with non-stop drinking, and smoking, your system, and your organs will get tired and you will not have the amount of energy, and stamina that you need to perform your best in the bed.

Ejaculation is not the most enjoyable part for me, making the girl sing during sex, during intercourse is what I liked the most. During that period when she is making all those sexy noises, during that period she is all yours, she has surrendered herself and is accepting and enjoying what you are doing to her. I just want to give her, enough, so she not only reaches orgasm, she begs me to cum.

So, for such a level of sex, we need to be fit. Men need fitness to fight every war of their lives. We know that alcohol and smoking are bad things for us, but we continue to consume them. Sex is not the only thing that alcohol ruins, it ruins just everything.

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