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What made you doubt the loyalty of your girlfriend/wife?

sad heartbroken man standing at window

Do you think your girlfriend or wife is a cheat? or, when did you realize that your partner was cheating on you? It is not easy to point your finger at someone without having 100% proof. Sometimes our mind is just playing with us, things may be different, but we get negative ideas first. But there is one more thing: if there is smoke, there must be fire.

Girls or Women may have many options, they may be talking to many boys, saying they are just friends. You try to stay calm and positively take things. She may do things willingly to hurt your feelings or maybe she is just playing with you or testing you.

How she can do this to you?

You think that all you care about her, you do everything to please her. But she is always hurting you. The main reason behind all these games that she plays is just because she knows that there are many boys ready to take her. It is easy for girls to move on after a breakup, but it is hard for boys to recover from a heartbreak.

Is she making you compete with other guys?

Girls might tell you about their ex-boyfriend that he is willing to come back and I too miss him. You are in doubt about what she means, does she want to leave you? She may be spending more time chatting with other boys, she is online for hours but not seeing your messages. These things point out what is more important for her, and it is certainly not you.

Are you begging for Love?

She does everything that she can to hurt your feelings, and you continue to beg her for mercy and love. You cry in front of her and she shows not a single expression of empathy towards you. You mean nothing to her, she is getting sex from somewhere else.

Do you feel like you have to stand in a queue to get your calls answered?

You wait hours to speak to her. You know that at this time she will be free, from her classes, or work. But as she gets free she is on the phone with someone else. You don’t know what happened, and it has been now at least a couple of hours and she is still busy on the phone. What do you think, she was busy with? Of course, she will tell you it was nothing, or her friend, or some relative. You end up trusting her. She is playing with your feelings and you are getting played.

Is she giving more time to others than you?

I know it is hard to understand or realize this when you are in Love, but you mean nothing to her, you are just an option for her. She may had at some point some interest in you, but now she has opened her doors and legs for others.

How or when do you realize that your girlfriend is cheating on you?

If I am wrong here please correct me, and if you have your story to tell or experience to share, the comment section is open for your views. (comments will be visible after approval)

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